8Pay is a DEFI platform for automatic trustless crypto payments. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain network and it is currently under testing ahead of its mainnet launch. In this short guide, we’ll explain how to acquire 8PAY testnet tokens and use them to see the power of 8Pay’s smart payment protocol in action.

  1. Make sure to have MetaMask installed. If not, download it from https://metamask.io
  2. Go to https://app.8pay.network/login and log in with MetaMask, by clicking “Unlock with MetaMask”

Since our Demo is deployed on Testnet you need to connect your Metamask to to the Binance smart chain Test…

It gives us great pleasure to announce that 8PAY has listed on Value Defi, the multi-chain defi protocol known for its suite of high-grade products.

Our native token is available for trading and staking purposes, with Value users able to add liquidity to a BNB/8PAY pool to earn LP tokens. Thereafter, liquidity providers can stack their LP tokens on the protocol’s vFarm to earn juicier rewards.

The farm will go live on April 21 at approximately 01:23:17 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time). Simply visit the link and click on the notification bell to be alerted when the relevant block is validated.

In many ways, the rise of decentralized finance (defi) — the branch of crypto devoted to liquidity pools, lending protocols and high-yield savings accounts — calls to mind the ecommerce sector in the late 90s and early 00s.

In both instances, a novel new paradigm captured the interest of consumers around the world, including those that had been underserved by the old system. All of a sudden, here was a fresh alternative to what had gone before, one that put customers’ needs first by tackling pain points and introducing efficiencies.

Interestingly, ecommerce is increasingly being touted as a use case…

Since completing the 8Pay IDO on BSCPad on April 5, there’s been a flurry of developments to report on. We’ve kept the 8Pay community updated every step of the way via our social channels and Medium blog. Nevertheless, we appreciate it’s a lot to keep track of.

In this article, we’ll recap on some of these highlights and discuss where we’re headed next. We’ve achieved a lot over the last week with your support and there’s a lot more to come. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

8PAY Token Audit Is Complete

The 8PAY token contract has been professionally audited by blockchain security expert Jorge…

As crypto becomes increasingly mainstream in a natural evolution of digital payments, there is a growing need to eliminate the remaining friction that serves as a barrier to entry for new users. One such pain point is a lack of recurring stablecoin payments that can bring fiat capabilities to the crypto world.

Defi platform 8Pay is aiming to address this by introducing the world’s first multi-chain fully decentralized payment protocol, initially launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and later on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains to provide a universal end-to-end crypto payments solution for the real world.

As a…

A little over 24 hours ago, we completed the 8Pay IDO on BSCPad. Congratulations to everyone who participated and claimed a stake in the 8Pay ecosystem and a warm welcome to community members who have just joined us.

In this article, we’d like to recap the steps we’ve taken since completing the 8Pay IDO and to dispel some misconceptions that have arisen. We’re committed to maintaining full transparency with the 8Pay community about the progress we’re making and the efforts we’re taking to create a safe environment for trading the 8PAY token.

Locked Liquidity and Token Metrics

We can confirm that liquidity has been locked…

We’re pleased to announce that 8Pay has partnered with Goswapp, the cross-chain app that brings defi trading to a mobile audience. Goswapp gives users the ability to track the performance of their favorite tokens and manage their trades 24/7. Our partnership with Goswapp will make the 8PAY token tradable on the go, complete with detailed token metrics and price alerts.

Goswapp is configured to work with both Uniswap and Pancake, the leading DEXs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain respectively. This makes it compatible with the 8PAY token on BSC and with future EVM-based networks where 8Pay gains a presence.

We’re pleased to report that 8Pay has integrated with PolyBridge, the cross-chain bridge for transferring assets between the leading smart contract blockchains. This will enable 8PAY holders to effortlessly move their assets between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum and to enjoy the benefits that each ecosystem has to offer.

The 8PAY token is issued as a BEP20 on BSC and an ERC20 on Ethereum. Using PolyBridge, anyone can switch between the two chains before trading 8PAY on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, the leading DEXs on each network.

There are a number of ways to move assets between Binance Smart Chain and…

We are excited to announce that the 8Pay Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will take place on Binance Smart Chain’s decentralized launchpad, BSCPad, on April 5.

This public offering will give users an opportunity to acquire 8PAY tokens, the native asset of our decentralized platform for automatic crypto payments. By owning a stake in 8Pay’s future, community members will be throwing their weight behind a permissionless payment protocol that enables automated crypto payments without the friction associated with existing payment services.

Ready for Liftoff

The BSCPad Launchpad is the first decentralized IDO platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network, and for us, it made…

Increased adoption of cryptocurrencies has led to growing demand for processing services to help businesses and users manage burdensome manual crypto payments, with a variety of implementations available for online and offline merchants.

Unfortunately, current solutions are somewhat disconnected from the existing defi ecosystem, lacking the convenience of a more universal service platform. So what if there was a solution that could combine the benefits of decentralized finance and automated crypto payments in one application?

That’s where 8Pay comes in. But what exactly is 8Pay, what benefits does it offer, and what comes next?

What Is 8Pay?

8Pay is a payment protocol built…


8PAY is an all-in-one payment protocol that enables quick and simple recurring transactions with digital currencies.

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