8Pay Ecosystem Grows Ahead of Mainnet Release

3 min readMay 18, 2021

8Pay has signed a slew of major partnerships in recent weeks as we seek to become the number one crypto payment network. Here’s a recap on what’s been happening in our world lately in terms of partnership and blockchain expansion.

8Pay Network Expands

The latest integration, with customizable eCommerce giant WooCommerce, has resulted in the creation of a special plugin that lets merchants accept payment via cryptocurrency. Uniquely, the functionality covers both one-off transactions and subscription payments. The most popular eCommerce software for Wordpress, WooCommerce currently runs over 1.5 million active web stores.

As you know, 8Pay will soon launch its mainnet on BSC before integrating with other EVM-compatible networks, and to support this we’ve teamed up with layer-two oracle Umbrella Network. The community-owned oracle service will provide accurate pricing feeds to 8Pay’s supported token payment options, giving investors confidence that they are transacting based on sound data.

Speaking of layer-two networks, our team has been busy participating in the Solana Season Hackathon, which runs from May 15 to June 7. Having already built on one layer-two network, 8Pay intends to bring automatic recurring payments to Solana’s ecosystem for the first time.

Solana is offering $1 million in global prizes and seed funding in a bid to sell developers on the benefits of building dApps on the high-throughput platform. Unsurprisingly, this year’s hackathon is focused on Web3, defi and NFT solutions, with a panel of judges that features FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried and CoinShares’ Meltem Demirors.

Built for Shoppers and Merchants

It has been all systems go at 8Pay following our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the BSCPad last month. 8Pay’s multi-chain payment platform enables users to quickly dispatch crypto to friends and family and pay for subscription services — something which has to date been impossible due to crypto’s push-only technology.

Merchants can also request payments, with various billing models supported and customers receiving notifications within the 8Pay mobile app. The promise of 8Pay, therefore, is that it can be used to facilitate all manner of day-to-day transactions, from buying a coffee to paying a gardener to covering a monthly magazine subscription.

With global eCommerce sales expected to hit $4.2 trillion this year, and more consumers choosing to hold, save and spend digital assets, we’re confident that 8Pay can become a leading retail solution. Ahead of our forthcoming mainnet launch on BSC, interested parties can check out a demo deployed on the Binance Smart Chain testnet. This allows you to set up trustless crypto payments without risking real funds.

The native 8PAY token can also be LP’d on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, with users rewarded for providing liquidity.

Earlier this month, we also announced that 8Pay’s codebase would be audited by Certik, one of blockchain’s best-known security firms. We’ll be publishing the auditor’s results as soon as they are available.

More about 8PAY

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