Constructing the Ideal Crypto Subscription Billing & Management System

3 min readMay 25, 2021

We spent a lot of time brainstorming what the ideal payment system would look like. That’s probably why 8Pay is on track to becoming the world’s premier service for paying for goods and services with the fastest-growing asset in the world, crypto. Let’s take a look at what the ideal crypto subscription billing and management system looks like and weigh it against 8Pay.

Putting User Safety and Security First

First and foremost, the ideal crypto payment system puts its users’ safety and security above all other concerns. Backed by the immutability and security of blockchain technology, crypto is one of the safest and most secure assets ever devised. Therefore, the ideal crypto billing and management system should run on the same security principles as crypto.

8Pay is completing an audit with Certik, the industry’s leading security firm , to ensure that our code is verified as safe. Even if we were targeted by the smartest hackers in the world, our users and their funds would remain safe for several reasons.

We don’t require deposits. This means your crypto stays safely under your custody until you use it for payment. Recently, a bank with $84B in assets was hacked and 200 accounts were drained of their funds. Collecting deposits puts a bullseye on your organization’s forehead and 8Pay will be a hacker’s last target.

A Wide Range of Flexibility and Choice

The best crypto payment service should offer users a wide variety of options. Visa and PayPal have begun processing crypto payments, but they’ve severely limited which cryptos you can use and how you can use them. Crypto thrives on decentralization, so the more options users have for payment, the better.

8Pay will operate over many different blockchains starting with Binance Smart Chain. We’ll soon be compatible with Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and many others, meaning that you can choose from a wide variety of different cryptos as payment options. If you have a crypto you want to pay a bill with, you should be able to use that crypto, and we’re making it possible.

If you’re a merchant who wants to make it easier for your customers to pay their bills, then 8Pay is here for you too. The more friction payment options incur, the less profits businesses see. 8Pay makes it possible for any kind of merchant to easily accept payments in crypto, and that means more opportunities for increasing profits.

Easy to Use and User-Friendly Service

Any crypto payment service worth its salt needs to be easy to use in all sorts of situations. If you’re a consumer, using your crypto shouldn’t be a hassle. If you’re a merchant, allowing your customers to pay in crypto should be the easiest option when they land on your checkout page.

8Pay is a mobile and desktop platform with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to execute payments in multiple ways. Payments can be made on demand, or they can be set to automatically take care of regularly scheduled debits in fixed or variable amounts.

With 8Pay, you can pay for Uber rides of any distance when you need to, pay your Netflix subscription every month, and you can even pay your utility bill no matter how much it goes up or down.

Service for Everyone Everywhere

It’s estimated that 1.7 billion around the world have no access to banking. The ultimate crypto payment option should empower the world to enter into global financial transactions, not keep them out.

8Pay is open to use for anyone who can connect to the internet and the blockchain. Our services will help people and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Blue chip businesses can use 8Pay to automate their payrolls and villagers running one computer on a generator can use our services too.

The world is waking up to the power of cryptocurrency, and 8Pay is here to help everyone harness that power as the most secure, flexible, and easy to use crypto payment option in the world.




8PAY is an all-in-one payment protocol that enables quick and simple recurring transactions with digital currencies.