How to Stake 8PAY and Earn juicy Rewards

It gives us great pleasure to announce that 8PAY has created the new vFarm on ValueDefi !

The farm will go live on Mon May 03 at 2021 21:39:54 GMT+01 (British Summer Time). Simply visit the link and click on the notification bell to be alerted when the relevant block is validated.

How to Stake LP tokens to vFarm and earn Rewards

Add liquidity to the 8PAY/BNB pool on Pancake Swap V2 and start earning rewards, here’s how to go about it:

1. Get your wallet with 8PAY tokens ready, you can buy 8PAY on Pancakeswap. Now you can visit the pool section of Pancake Swap V2.

Make sure to have 8PAY and BNB ready with a 50% rate each.
Add 8PAY/BNB liquidity, just as you would on any other AMM

Be sure to add Liquidity on V2 instead of V1

2. Wait for the countdown timer to reach zero, signaling that vFarm rewards have started.

3. Visit the farming page of Value Defi here to stake your LP tokens and start earning 8PAY rewards by clicking Stake button.

And that’s it: you’re now earning 8PAY rewards for providing liquidity. The Value Defi pool will emit 840,000.00 8PAY over the next month, which will be distributed in proportion to the total amount of assets in the pool.

More about 8PAY

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