In-House AMA Recap

4 min readJul 27, 2022


Our in-house AMA Recap with 8PAY CEO and Co-Founder on 26 July


Ben: Hello everybody! Welcome to another 8PAY AMA. Happy to answer any questions you might have about the project ;)

Mat: Hi guys I’m Mat, CTO and Co-Founder of 8PAY, feel free to ask me anything about the Tech side of 8PAY, doubts about some of our features, or suggestions in general.

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User: Does the project have enough money to survive the bear market if things get worse?

Ben: Yes, we have enough funds to keep developing and pushing the project forward even if the market will go lower.

User: Hi. Will staking resume again at some point?

Ben: At some point in the future yes. Can’t say when exactly, it will be based on market conditions mainly.

User: What is the target market cap for 8pay and do you see the price going any lower?

Ben: We can’t speculate on the price, but I’m sure everybody here understand the incredible potential 8PAY has. Price can be volatile like the rest of the market and many times not an accurate representation of the real value of the project. We are here to keep building and make it reach it’s maximum potential.

User: is there any listing or application for listing on the way??

Ben: We have different listing opportunity but we’ll evaluate them once the market conditions are more positive.

User: the project have a plan to get big partnerships?

Ben: of course, but big partnerships requires time. We’ll keep working on it and update our community as soon as we have updates on it ;)

User: How much competition do you have for this type of service and what makes this better or stops a bigger company copying what you’ve done?

Ben: competition in the payment space is always very high. There are big names in the industry with high funding trying to take a big slice of the market. But they are focused more on centralised single payments. Basically no one is ready to support different type of payments with several integrations options across multiple chains in a decentralised way.

User: Why has the CEO never been seen physically promoting his project yet? Eg. Video AMAs or business meetings or forums with other crypto enthusiasts.
I ask this because It’s important people know the faces behind a project other than LinkedIn profiles.

Ben: We are mostly focused on developing the product and attracting merchants. We attended many conference around the world promoting the project in the past few years and more will be done in the following months. We’ll evaluate video AMA if the community likes it more ;)

User: good and what about marketing ?? I’m holder more than 1 years but marketing is weak !

Ben: Marketing has been done and we’ll keep advertising the project, it just doesn’t make much sense to allocate more budget to advertising now just for the holders to speculate on the token. I’d like to repeat that this is not a meme coin, so marketing will go accordingly with the project results to have a more natural and organic growth.

User: Any plans on at least having an internal person shilling this project on Twitter? To be honest it is worrisome that we don’t see an effort from the team to promote the project. I understand the community should help, but when we don’t see the support from the team it’s difficult.

Ben: We have people working on marketing and promoting the project. If you want to see an army of bot spamming all over twitter like other projects do, I’ve to disappoint you but that’s not going to happen. We can increase our social media activity and presence :)

User: Can you bullet point the outlook or update us on the road map for the next 12 months?

Mat: You can follow our roadmap (and also the next 12 months) on 8PAY website
We are very proud to have just released our last creature, Wallet 2 Wallet
We are now focused on the Shopify App, this will allow all Shopify Merchants to accept crypto in their stores.

User: How’s the development on the mobile app coming?
Should we be expecting any delays this time?

Mat: We are already developing the new UI that will also be compatible with the 8PAY webApp.
With the timeframe described in the roadmap, we will be able to release the first beta of the mobile app.
We decided to postpone the release date of the web app because we felt it was appropriate to focus more on our merchants their requirements and needs.

Ben: Thanks to everybody, keep supporting 8PAY ;)

Mat: Thanks to you everybody, keep Using, Integrating and Supporting 8PAY 😎


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8PAY is an all-in-one payment protocol that enables quick and simple recurring transactions with digital currencies.