In-House AMA Recap

6 min readDec 3, 2022

Our in-house AMA Recap with 8PAY CEO and Co-Founder on 1st December


Ben: Hello everybody! Welcome to another 8PAY AMA. Happy to answer any questions you might have about the project ;)

Mat: Hi everyone, Mat here, CTO and co-founder of 8PAY. As you know, the development of 8pay is continuing unabated. The latest feature launched was the Shopify plugin well received by our merchant community. Feel free to ask me anything about the technical side of 8PAY.

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R: Hi Team, my guys for you guys is: can we have an update on the dollar amount that has been processed by 8pay since the last update — and what is the strategy for mass adoption (i’m sure that you’ve seen the recent news about Brazil)

Ben: hey Ray, the 8PAY team is going to release a dashboard to monitor the different metrics of the protocol soon where everybody will be able to see the total transaction value and some other details.

I can also add that the number of merchants is increasing and 8PAY process multiple transactions every day. From one-shot payments to scheduled payments to automatic dollar cost average transfers.

K: When will the app be available?

Mat: The new mobile app is under development. As you well know, a good app takes time to develop. We are collecting much feedback from merchants using 8pay and more feedback from your users. At this very moment, we are re-developing the UI and UX of 8PAY; this is a spoiler, so get ready to enjoy the new re-style of 8pay along with the much-loved dark mode. Once the re-style of the UI is complete, it will be integrated into the new mobile app for iOS and Android. Follow the roadmap for information on deadlines.
We are also working on other features of 8pay, such as an advanced version of DCA. But for the time being, we are giving priority to the mobile app.

S: Do we have any cex listing on the way as this can create exposure and help people trade thereby increasing volume

Ben: We are always paying attention to the entire market and evaluating opportunities, but in the current market wouldn’t be a wise choice to push a listing. More listings will come with more adoption and better market conditions

S: What do you think about the crypto payment in Brazil? Now is available for ley.
There are many opportunities actually in the world for crypto payment.
Russia needs a system of crypto payment.
Many other countries are starting with crypto payment, good moment for us

Peter: It’s a good point. We have to choose the exact moment to go live on many marketing strategies and we are running out of other details to be complete before we go to market and big players

Ben: It’s great to see a small step in the right direction. With time many other countries will hopefully start to adopt crypto payments. The advantages of crypto are undeniable and now several countries are in talk to create digital currencies, so it will be interesting to see how things will progress ;)

P: Other question, staking when will be available?

Mat: Our staking platform has been audited by Certik and is ready to work at any time. At this moment, it is possible to claim tokens already staked, but as you can see from our platform, there are no new pools open. Once the market recovers, we will undoubtedly consider reopening new pools.

A: What about cooperation between 8pay and some offline companies, that can take crypto payments for air tickets, or other payments? Maybe with Emirates ^)))

Peter: Our app will allow you to make a large part of “offline” payments such as in restaurants, businesses, or physical shops. it will be a great launch and we will do many ad hoc activities

R: Whilst i’m not one to focus on ‘wen binance’ i do believe that we need to be on atleast a tier 2 exchange for the project to grow, i understand that we are in a bear market, but even a tier 3 exchange will do the project a lot of good, we are in need of ‘sustainable’ volume, and the best way to achieve this and also crush the ‘bots’ that have been holding us back is a listing — is there a timeline for this? because a great percentage of people can’t use dex.

Ben: True but as we recently saw with the FTX news, CEX aren’t always better. I still consider them a fundamental bridge to allow less experienced users to enter crypto markets. We’ll see in the near future if it’s the case to add some other CEX after a careful evaluation.

A: How many devs in the team?

Mat: Our team consists of 5 developers, including 2 blockchain engineers, 2 Back-end experts, and 1 UI/UX expert, with more than 4 years of experience in their field.

R: Has development started for NFT functionality within the 8pay app?

Mat: We have already developed the one-click NFT checkout, a functionality that allows any user to sell or buy an NFT using the already established 8Pay checkout. It is currently in staging, and we are testing it; once the market recovers, we will consider moving it into production.

R: Amazing, would this be able to integrate with the likes of OpenSea etc?

Mat: The ideology of 8pay is to be open source, which is why we always try to document our code as much as possible. As of now, it is already possible to integrate 8pay using the APIs that 8pay exposes, or it is possible to integrate with 8pay using on-chain contracts while respecting the concept of decentralization. Anyone can use 8pay’s smart contracts by interacting directly with the blockchain. That said, we have yet to have any agreement with open-sea. Still, there is nothing to prevent a partnership with them in the future, which would allow them to integrate 8pay’s functionalities, including the one-click NFT checkout, in a highly independent manner.

R: anyway, it looks like you guys are working on a lot of features in advance of the market recovery, that’s great to know, it would be nice to have one or two partnerships in the short term

Peter: Correct. I’m working on it with the marketing team 😉😉 We have to decide on some strategies to adopt for the market as soon as everything recovers

S: What are the objective for the next year and the next three years?

Ben: Finalise all the main features of the protocol and launch the web app. We are already improving the UX and UI based on feedback from merchants to optimize the conversions and create an optimal flow for the users. We are also discussing a few very interesting partnerships ;)

A: Guys, what about Chinese telegram group? Are you plan to open it?

Peter: Yes I'm in contact with a couple of people. The former turned out to be scams, so we must be sure to create something that only brings a plus to the project and does not create pump-and-dump channels operated by people who only want to speculate. Any help is welcome, write me in direct

R: A final question from me — i mentioned previously that I believe the main website needs an independent section for just merchants as it would make the onboarding process easier for both merchants and independent users — are you planning to look into this?

Mat: There is always time for Ray

This question makes a lot of sense, so we created a new version of the deck, which is more geared toward merchants. In the new UX of the web app, we have tried to differentiate between the two uses of 8pay, the first Merchant Side and the second Customer Side. Once the new UX is finalized, a restyle of the 8pay home page will be obligatory; we will enclose the crucial points for merchants and the crucial points for customers.

Ben: Thanks to everybody, keep supporting 8PAY ;)

Mat: Thanks to you everybody, keep Using, Integrating, and Supporting 8PAY 😎


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