The Subscription Market

The rise of the subscription market

  • Simplicity: A subscription model simplifies the business process and makes it very easy for both consumers and service providers. Since the payment process is automated, the customers don’t need to make repeated payments and the service providers don’t need to obtain orders from their existing customers.
  • Customer Retention: The subscription model also ensures long-term customer retention, because the consumers already know, before entering the service, that this is going to be a long-term relationship.
  • Marketing Opportunities: The subscription model also assists in enabling long-term marketing solutions. The service provider can always reach out to the consumers and engage with them for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Cash Flow: A subscription model is a brilliant way of ensuring consistent cash-flow within your business. Timely automated payments ensure the regularity of business and cash generation. The model makes sure that the overall stability of the business is maintained.
  • Replenishment: Razors, diapers, etc.
  • Curation: Snack boxes, cosmetics, mystery bags, etc.
  • Access & Subscriptions: Membership-based music streaming, movies, tutorials, live sports, etc.

How 8PAY creates a decentralized market

Steps to enable subscription services

  • Since they are made on top of the blockchain, they are decentralized and transparent.
  • They act as an escrow of funds which are released only when certain pre-specified actions have been taken.
  • The smart contract directly connects the service provider and the consumer without going through any middlemen.

Enabling fixed and variable price subscriptions

Enabling unlimited subscriptions





8PAY is an all-in-one payment protocol that enables quick and simple recurring transactions with digital currencies.

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8PAY is an all-in-one payment protocol that enables quick and simple recurring transactions with digital currencies.

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